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  • Richman Ngo

    kindly help, i raid 5x already but at the 6th battle. the raid crash and cant get to the room. but after logging in again,the RAID icon is ACTIVE 11HRS. but no sign of completion nor sign of active quest. i tried doing quest to drain NRG but sadly i spent 200 nrg but still RAID doesnt trigger. i tried letting it pass by 11 hrs and the icon ACTIVE is gone but still i cant summon the RAID encounter until now. i hope im not the only one having this trouble.

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  • Skyler Belcourt

    This is really upsetting.  I "lost my rights" to my encounter because work got busy.  I have 2 rare raids queued up but I can't challenge this because the person who joined the room never hosted or cleared it.  So I can't make a new challenge room.  WHY is this done??  This is so frustrating!  Can't they just let the raids expire???  This isn't cool

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